Friday, July 31, 2009

See With Me Bible

I love this Bible.

It is perfect for my pre-readers. There are VERY few words. The stories are well told thru the artwork. It make the younger kids feel grown up.

I like it because other young child versions have limited artwork and/or too many words.

Scrappy loves his and has carried it everywhere for 2 days now. He is thrilled cause he "has read the whole Bible"!

Great job Zonderkids and Dennis Jones! 2 thumbs way up here at our house! I can see this wonderful book will be a well worn treasure when it is all said and done!

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  1. Hey, this is about Sonlight that you talked about earlier. We do it too. It takes us longer than a year to do with all the stuff it includes even without us doing all the stuff they suggest. Love all the reading and the kids love being read to. I can't skip words or make a mistake b/c they really are listening. In the catalog, they have Sequential Spelling. It was thought up by a man who is dyslexic. Davis and I like it better than other programs we have used. We will start book 4 this year. Denise



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