Friday, July 31, 2009

See With Me Bible

I love this Bible.

It is perfect for my pre-readers. There are VERY few words. The stories are well told thru the artwork. It make the younger kids feel grown up.

I like it because other young child versions have limited artwork and/or too many words.

Scrappy loves his and has carried it everywhere for 2 days now. He is thrilled cause he "has read the whole Bible"!

Great job Zonderkids and Dennis Jones! 2 thumbs way up here at our house! I can see this wonderful book will be a well worn treasure when it is all said and done!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


A very dear friend of mine has been helping me int he "now what do we do with the dyslexia diagnosis" department.

She spent a Friday night giving me ideas and encouragement. She gave me a link to check has been a huge blessing!

It is the Accelerated reader site and you can type in a book title and it will tell you what level the book is!!

I have been looking for something like this for a while..but I was finding pay site and honestly, I have WAY too many books for that. This site is free. Most of the 250+ books we have here at home are on the list.

I did find out that I have a TON of books in the 3.0+ level but not a lot in the .1-2.9 levels.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 Down and 2 to Go...

Tonight I finished 2 of the 4 boys first 2 weeks of school! 

I am hoping that the younger 2 do not take quite as long. 

I am holding out on the reading part for my oldest yet. 

I am still new to the whole "dyslexia" thing and am knocking around a few different options that hopefully will be a little easier to decide once we have the final testing results.

I do want to tell you about something a friend of mine way back from the 3rd grade introduced me is called a COINULATOR...and I just ordered one. I am so excited and I think it will be a wonderful fun little addition to our Math center!!  You can find out more here!
It appears that this year will be a more multi-sensory approach to schooling that we have taken in the past! I know that all the boys will benefit from that in their own way. I am stocking up on goodies as I find them..pipe cleaners, colored sand, sand paper, jump ropes, therapy balls and sit discs, fidget toys and bean bags.

Well, it's late and I have to get to eyes are drooping fast! 

But before I go, I would love to know what is your favorite educational toy?!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

WOW...what a slacker I am!! I have so neglected this blog and I feel bad about it.

However, We are starting up here in about 2 weeks and I do a better job.

Here is the latest stuff we are working on:

1. Skipper has been in to see an educational psychologist and we have some answers to  a lot of questions. The biggest is that he is Dyslexic (okay that is not the biggest but I think it is the easiest for me to get my mind and heart around right now). That makes so many other things make sense now. So we will approach the new school year with that in mind. (With the possibility that the 5 year old is also dyslexic).

2. I found the Workbox System at the end of last school year and we didn't have a lot of time to get that flowing. We will use that again this year and see what we get. I really liked what we saw with it and am excited to get going again with it.

3. This year I will be schooling 3 kids. I am still looking at it and praying it over and looking for what God knows is best for the boys. In some ways the Dyslexia diagnosis actually makes it a little easier..sound silly? Well, in my head it makes perfect sense!!

4. Scout's mom has Alzheimer's. Has had for a while. We found out about 3 weeks ago and they told us over the 4th of July. She is not doing great and of course things are going to get worse. We are trying to decide if we feel God is calling us to move back there or if we are suppose to wait a little bit.

Tonight once I get the peeps in bed, I will work on the planning side of our year and let you know what I find!

Thanks for stopping by and I promise to be a better homeschool blogger this year!!


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