Friday, April 22, 2011


Ok..we just got these today and I can not say enough about them already! They are a big hit! They are a great early math manipulative.

  • Inchimals Animal Blocks
    A learning safari - more ways to explore with Inchimals... 

  • Practice counting

  • Sequence Inchimal blocks from the shortest to the longest

  • Introduce vocabulary - shorter, taller, longer, height, length, distance, perimeter

  • Explore individual segments, numbers & dots on each Inchimal block

  • Learn addition and subtraction concepts!

  • Master pre-algebra understandings and balance equations!

  • Stand Inchimals blocks side by side or stack neatly to promote fine motor control

  • Invite creative thinking, language & dialogue, and dramatic play

  • Write on-wipe off puzzle book features 100 puzzles

  • Included puzzle book includes write on-wipe off erasable pen

  • Designed to be used at home, in the classroom or on the go!

  • Inchimals adheres to all current safety requirements for the U.S. & Europe 

  • Check out Inchimals and see if it is tool that would be useful in your in your school.

    FatBrain toys do not know that I exist and I am gettin' nothing in return. I share because I LOVE!

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