Friday, January 9, 2009

When it's time to change...

Did  you hear the Brady bunch singing as you read that?? I did! 

You know the episode where they are the singing Brady Bunch and Peter's voice has started to change and the family pulls together and teachers Peter to embrace the changes that are happening to him. Yeah...that is what I heard when I typed that. 

So either you are with me here or you think I am a complete goof!

You pressure what soever!! 

No pressure at all!

Okay, I am done.

Back to my original thought.

We have made a curriculum change here. I am calling an audible and bringing in a new game plan..
We are now a Sonlight family. We will stick with the Math, handwriting and spelling..but will add the history, reading and science portions. I also really like how organized it all is. And, I want desperately to be more organized. So we will see how it goes! I really like what I have looked through so far and I LOVE all the literature that is used.I also bought a few new puzzles for Skeeter to do during his "tot school" time. 

I am hoping to add more about our tot school...but It seems like things completely get away from me and the moment has passed when I think about getting pictures. Oh well...figuring out how to school 4  is a learning process for me too. Hopefully I can get some stuff posted before Monday.

Happy Weekend!


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